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IDMunicipal AddressRegionCityZoningAcresSquare FeetPriceTypeMLSPostedDetailsImage
190Cole Hill Road, KingstonEastern OntarioKingstonThe City of Kingston Zoning By-law zones the subject site as Restricted Agricultural (A1)0.730.00$99,900For SaleX46571121/2/2020 View View
189551 Avonhead roadGreater Toronto AreaMississaugaEmployment Three - Exception 12 (E3-12) and as Greenlands Two (G2).37.480.00$27,000,000For SaleW465618112/24/2019 View View
1883810 Highway 30, North Highway Trent Hills, Ontario K0K 1R0Eastern OntarioTrent HillsRural Area12.654408.00Contact BrokerFor Sale23526711/29/2019 View View
187280 Armstrong Street North, New Liskeard Northern OntarioNew LiskeardMUA (mixed use) and DH3 (development in a sensitive area)136.450.00Contact BrokerFor SaleTM19262411/20/2019 View View
186Hwy 11 & Kashabowie Road, KashabowieNorthern OntarioKashabowie (Unorganized District of Thunder Bay)The community does not have a Zoning By-law. 7.000.00$44,900For SaleTB1931979/24/2019 View View
185Highway 96 and 14th Line Road Eastern OntarioWolfe IslandAgricultural 0.400.00Contact BrokerFor SaleX45863889/24/2019 View View
18475 Maple Crescent, Atikokan Northern OntarioAtikokanResidential (R1)0.180.00$9,999For SaleTB1929549/4/2019 View View
18371 Detta Road, Red LakeNorthern OntarioRed LakeR1 - Townsite Residential Density 10.130.00$29,000For SaleTB1929178/29/2019 View View
182Second Line Road and Peterborough Road 28Northern OntarioCava-MonaghanAgricultural0.440.00$49,900For Sale2180838/27/2019 View View
181Wellington County Road 109 & Wellington Count Road 7Southwest OntarioTownship of MintoUnzoned (Commercial C2)0.380.00SoldSoldX45488918/16/2019 View View
1807504 Kipling AvenueGreater Toronto AreaVaughanParkway Belt Open Space Zone0.19800.00$650,000For SaleN45201787/19/2019 View View
179Lot 36 - East of Butternut Bay Road and South Brockmere Cliff DriveEastern OntarioElizbethtown-KitleyEstate Residential5.050.00$688,000For SaleX45176707/17/2019 View View
178Lot 35 - East of Butternut Bay Road and South Brockmere Cliff DriveEastern OntarioElizbethtown-KitleyEstate Residential6.220.00$970,000For SaleX45176057/17/2019 View View
177Lot 34 - East of Butternut Bay Road and South Brockmere Cliff DriveEastern OntarioElizbethtown-KitleyEstate Residential2.430.00$378,000For SaleX45179087/17/2019 View View
175N/S William Halton ParkwayGreater Toronto AreaOakvilleExisting Development (ED) and Stormwater Management Facility35.450.00Not ApplicableFor SaleW44654476/3/2019 View View
174N/S William Halton ParkwayGreater Toronto AreaOakvilleExisting Development and Stormwater Management Facility14.600.00Not ApplicableFor SaleW44653966/3/2019 View View
1732165 Dundas Street West, Oakville ONGreater Toronto AreaOakvilleExisting Development (ED) and Stormwater Management Facility15.850.00Not ApplicableFor SaleW44654586/3/2019 View View
176Bloomfield Road, ChathamSouthwest OntarioChathamA1 – Agricultural0.310.00$25,000For Sale190192066/1/2019 View View
172Intersection of Stone Road East and Victoria Road South, GuelphSouthwest OntarioGuelphPotential mixed use residential and employment (Guelph Innovation District Secondary Plan)328.600.00Contact BrokerFor SaleCBRE Link5/29/2019 View View
17162 Beckwith Street, Perth, OntarioEastern OntarioPerthInstitutional0.8723212.00SoldSoldX43928593/27/2019 View View
170East of Tapscott Road and Passmore Avenue, TorontoGreater Toronto AreaTorontoE (Employment Area)13.100.00SoldSoldE43770093/4/2019 View View
169Riverside Drive East & Louis AvenueSouthwest OntarioWindsorResidential High Profile Area0.360.00SoldSold190125951/22/2019 View View
168590 Chippewa Street WestNorthern OntarioNorth BayInstitutional3.4711480.00SoldSold16696112/10/2018 View View
167378 Brock Street, Windsor, OntarioSouthwest OntarioWindsorInstitutional District – Place of Entertainment and Recreation, Other Institutional Uses (ID1.4)1.6733029.00SoldSold1800954710/24/2018 View View
16485 Stanley Avenue, Chatham, OntarioSouthwest OntarioChatham-Kent Institutional / Parking Lot Parcel: Institutional 2.720.00SoldSoldX42051697/31/2018 View View
165South West side of County Road 21 (Oil Heritage Road) at Aberfeldy Line, Township of Enniskillen, OnSouthwest OntarioEnniskillenA1 – Agricultural 13.810.00SoldSoldX42057037/30/2018 View View
163Thorah Park Boulevard, Port Bolster (Brock), OntarioSouthwest OntarioBeaverton (Township of Brock)Community Facility9.760.00SoldSold1432817/20/2018 View View
162Burnhamthorpe Rd and Highway 403Greater Toronto AreaOakvilleExisting Development (ED)43.000.00SoldSoldW41558776/14/2018 View View
109700 Highway 137 hill Island, Township of Leeds and Thousand Islands Eastern OntarioLeeds And The Thousand IsTourist Commercial5.000.00SoldSoldK180030755/23/2018 View View
961235 Huron Church RoadSouthwest OntarioWindsorGreen District View View
15831 Duke StreetSouthwest OntarioSt CatharinesMedium/High Density Mixed Use0.370.00SoldSoldX41279535/11/2018 View View
154145 McNabb Street, Sault Ste. MarieNorthern OntarioSault Ste MarieC4 (General Commercial)2.0035599.00SoldSoldSM1234323/22/2018 View View
157Site C – Highway 48 & Concession 10Northern OntarioBrockRural1.830.00SoldSold1148383/20/2018 View View
156Site B – Highway 48 & Concession 10Northern OntarioBrockRural1.030.00SoldSold1148323/20/2018 View View
155Site A - Highway 48 & Concession 10Northern OntarioBrockRural4.580.00SoldSold1149593/20/2018 View View
15353 Napier Street, Manitowaning, Manitoulin IslandNorthern OntarioManitowaning, Manitoulin IslandResidential (R1)0.392970.00SoldSold205037410/26/2017 View View
15140 William Street North, ChathamGreater Toronto AreaChathamHighway Commercial First Density0.298928.00SoldSold171013710/16/2017 View View
146East side of Stirling Frankford Road, north of Trent CanalEastern OntarioQunite WestRural Residential (RR) 0.600.00SoldSold114160 6/19/2017 View View
14477 Fourth Avenue, Hornepayne OntarioNorthern OntarioHornepayneN/A0.171195.00SoldSoldTM1806365/31/2017 View View
143Lot 4 Murphy Ave, Hornepayne Ontario Northern OntarioHornepayneN/A0.260.00SoldSoldTM1806375/1/2017 View View
1241805-1825 Arthur StreetNorthern OntarioThunder BayInstitutional6.220.00SoldSold15433911/30/2015 View View
1221663 Joshuas Creek DriveGreater Toronto AreaOakvilleE-2 Employment Zone0.630.00SoldSoldW336962611/24/2015 View View
9026 Grenville and 27 Grosvenor StreetGreater Toronto AreaTorontoCR T 7.8 C2.0 R.7.8 H610.910.00SoldSold1/7/2013 View View
Total Records: 43

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