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Properties on this interactive map will remain identified as 'Listed on the Open Market' or 'In Negotiations for Direct Sale' until negotiations are complete and ownership is formally transferred. Thereafter they will be shown as Sold. IO reserves the right to update the status of properties in the Sales Program at any time.

The property is currently listed on the open market. The property will remain in this category until negotiations are complete, financial close is achieved, and ownership is formally transferred. IO reserves the right to remove or suspend the listing at any time.

Search Results
IDMunicipal AddressRegionCityAcresSquare FeetPriceStatusMLSPostedDetailsImage
5550 Kipling Avenue, VaughanGreater Toronto AreaVaughan5.76250905.60$3,000,000Listed on the Open MarketN84498106/17/2024 View View
613390 King Street East, CobourgEastern OntarioCobourg30.011307409.84$9,100,000Listed on the Open Market2/8/2024 View View
612138 Hope Street North, Port HopeEastern OntarioPort Hope14.62636847.20$3,900,000Listed on the Open MarketX80543662/8/2024 View View
611Foster Lake Road Bancroft, Ontario K0L1C0Eastern OntarioTownship of Carlow/Mayo1.030.00SoldSold403254489/21/2022 View View
473Highway 540 Meldrum BayNorthern OntarioDawson6.500.00SoldSoldX57577139/9/2022 View View
610702 Main Street, Shelburne Ontario, L9V 2Z4Southwestern OntarioShelburne0.513410.00SoldSold402871827/13/2022 View View
60965 Bruce Avenue South Porcupine P0N 1H0Northern OntarioSouth Porcupine0.110.00SoldSold402745647/13/2022 View View
49951 Panorama Court, TorontoGreater Toronto AreaToronto48.20229096.00Not ApplicableUnder Review4/13/2022 View View
60810 William Street West, Arnprior ON K7S 1J8Eastern OntarioArnprior1.170.00SoldSoldNA4/8/2022 View View
498290 Fennell Avenue West, HamiltonSouthwestern OntarioHamilton28.80116792.00Contact BrokerListed on the Open MarketNA3/22/2022 View View
607600 Eglinton Avenue East, MississaugaGreater Toronto AreaMississauga28.400.00Contact BrokerListed on the Open MarketNA3/11/2022 View View
606S/E corner of King Street West and Estate Lane, KingstonEastern OntarioKingston1.500.00SoldSoldn/a3/3/2022 View View
605North and south of Highway 72, Sioux LookoutNorthern OntarioSioux Lookout2.560.00SoldSoldTB2301933/3/2022 View View
604836 Camp Lane, Leeds and The Thousand IslandsEastern OntarioLeeds And The Thousand Islands17.014484.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
603Maynooth Station Rd, Hastings Highlands, OntarioEastern OntarioHastings Highlands55.310.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
602Brirtannia Road and Sixteen Mile Creek, MiltonGreater Toronto AreaMilton1.290.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
601461 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke, TorontoGreater Toronto AreaToronto0.360.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
600South Porcupine Near Hwy 101, TimminsNorthern OntarioTimmins243.430.00Not ApplicableIn Negotiations for Direct SaleNA3/3/2022 View View
5987504 Kipling Ave, VaughanGreater Toronto AreaVaughan161.100.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
597South of Highway 66, Larder LakeNorthern OntarioLarder Lake40.000.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
589Intersection of Sarah Street and Clara Street, Parry SoundNorthern OntarioParry Sound6.0050.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
588Behind 25 Grosvenor Street, TorontoGreater Toronto AreaToronto0.010.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
5877755 Hurontario St, BramptonGreater Toronto AreaBrampton0.430.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
586543 Arlington Avenue, TorontoGreater Toronto AreaToronto0.060.00Not ApplicableUnder ReviewNA3/3/2022 View View
583Langstaff Road and Highway 407, MarkhamGreater Toronto AreaMarkham6.292400.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
582West side of Hurontario Street, south of Highway 403, MississaugaGreater Toronto AreaMississauga3.030.00Not ApplicableUnder ReviewNA3/3/2022 View View
578S of Highway 417, E of Ramsayville Road, N of Mitch Owens Road, OttawaEastern OntarioOttawa4020.0011300.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
576126 Elmcrest, TorontoGreater Toronto AreaToronto1.251500.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
572Former Hwy 646 Land, E of RR 599, Pickle LakeNorthern OntarioPickle Lake85.000.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
571141 King St, Angus, Township of EssaNorthern OntarioEssa1.800.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
570Sutton Hill Trail - North of Ravenshoe Rd, GeorginaGreater Toronto AreaGeorgina42.570.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
56920130 Highway 35, Algonquin HighlandsEastern OntarioAlgonquin Highlands0.991327.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
568422 Finch Avenue, PickeringGreater Toronto AreaPickering0.350.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
566Hertigage Road (West Side), BramptonGreater Toronto AreaBrampton0.120.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
5651495 Muskoka Road, GravenhurstNorthern OntarioGravenhurst98.0089401.00Not ApplicableUnder ReviewNA3/3/2022 View View
563Sutton Hill Trail - South of Ravenshoe Rd ending at Holborn Rd, East GwillimburyGreater Toronto AreaEast Gwillimbury23.400.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
562Main Street East and James Snow Parkway, MiltonGreater Toronto AreaMilton1.170.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
561Komoka Road, north of Gideon Drive, Middlesex CentreSouthwestern OntarioMiddlesex3.020.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
559Mill Lane and Van Nortman Street, Norfolk CountySouthwestern OntarioNorfolk County1.700.00Not ApplicableUnder ReviewNA3/3/2022 View View
558Dundas Street West, between Bronte Road Oakville and Appleby Line, Oakville and BurlingtonGreater Toronto AreaOakville0.670.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
55720 Rose Street, BarrieNorthern OntarioBarrie4.6222067.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
554752 King St W, KingstonEastern OntarioKingston78.00324075.00Not ApplicableUnder ReviewNA3/3/2022 View View
552S/W Corner of Steeles Avenue and Kennedy Road, BramptonGreater Toronto AreaBrampton35.520.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
546NW of Winchester Rd. W & Coronation Rd., WhitbyGreater Toronto AreaWhitby6.090.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
5451001-1471 Charleston Side Road, CaledonGreater Toronto AreaCaledon1.230.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
542Foster Lake Road, Carlow MayoEastern OntarioCarlow/Mayo0.870.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
540Intersection of Blair Road and Langdon Drive, CambridgeSouthwestern OntarioCambridge30.000.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
538Dougall Avenue and Howard Avenue, WindsorSouthwestern OntarioWindsor1.820.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
5337098 Rama Road, RamaraNorthern OntarioRamara140.6162392.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View
532Abandoned railway line in Quinte West, West of the Trent River, Quinte WestEastern OntarioQuinte West60.570.00SoldSoldNA3/3/2022 View View

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