ID: 215
Property Type: For Sale
Acres: 9.62
Square Feet: 11399.00
City: Woodstock
Price: Contact Broker
Region: Eastern Ontario
Date Posted: 6/15/2021
Project Number: D1055724
MLS Number: 40129761
Description: The subject property is located at 401 Lakeview Drive in the City of Woodstock. The property is 9.62 acres, generally flat and featureless with a one-story 11,399 square foot office building and two paved parking lots that can accommodate up to 61 vehicles. Surrounded by residential and commercial uses the property is located on the north-east corner of Vansittart Avenue and Lakeview Drive.
Municipal Address: 401 Lakeview Drive, Woodstock
Zoning: Community Facility
Official Plan: Community Facility
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Contact Details

Name: Ry-Ann Hall
Company: CBRE
Phone #: 519-286-2035
Fax #: 519-673-6948
Email Address: