Property Details

ID: 199
Property Type: For Sale
Acres: 0.63
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Pickle Lake
Price: $6,499.00
Region: Northern Ontario
Date Posted: 7/7/2020
Project Number: D1039268
MLS Number: TB201500
Description: The subject property is located in Central Patricia, a secondary residential and commercial area in the Township of Pickle Lake. The site is approximately 540 kilometers northwest of the city of Thunder Bay and can be reached year-round on Highway 599 by travelling north for approximately 300 kilometers from the Trans-Canada Highway. The subject property is relatively featureless, with a couple of trees and no existing structures on site. **Please use Google Chrome when clicking the MLS URL**.
Municipal Address: Main Street North of Highway 599, Pickle Lake
Zoning: The subject property is zoned General Commercial (C2) in the Township of Pickle Lake Zoning By-law. It should be noted that development is currently limited on the subject site as there is a Holding Zone (H) placed over it. Section 21.1 of the By-law states that the Holding Zone limits development on lots to which it applies until such time as Council adopts a by-law, pursuant to Section 35 of the Planning Act, 1990, removing the Holding (H) symbol.
Official Plan: The subject site is designated General Commercial (GC) in the Official Plan for the Township of Pickle Lake.
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Name: Nate Hochstetler
Phone #: 807-737-8935
Fax #: 807-737-4564
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