Property Details

ID: 190
Property Type: Sold
Acres: 0.73
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Kingston
Region: Eastern Ontario
Date Posted: 1/2/2020
Project Number: 1060973
MLS Number: X4657112
Description: The 0.73-acre property is located on Cole Hill Road, between Unity Road and Rosedale Drive just 5 kilometres northwest of the Highway 401 and Sydenham Road interchange in Kingston. The subject property is generally vacant but does have two small, dilapidated sheds that were built in the 1960s. The property formerly housed an OPP communication tower that has since been demolished. The purchaser will retain 0.67 acres due to a four meter road widening that forms part 2 of the PIN, which will be sold to the municipality. *Please use Google Chrome when clicking the MLS URL*.
Municipal Address: Cole Hill Road, Kingston
Zoning: The City of Kingston Zoning By-law zones the subject site as Restricted Agricultural (A1)
Official Plan: The City of Kingston Official Plan designates the subject site as Rural Lands
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Contact Details

Name: Vishal Sharma
Company: CBRE Limited
Phone #: 416-362-2244
Fax #: 416-362-8085
Email Address: