Property Details

ID: 178
Property Type: Sold
Acres: 6.22
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Elizbethtown-Kitley
Region: Eastern Ontario
Date Posted: 7/17/2019
Project Number: D1039197
MLS Number: X4517605
Description: The subject property is vacant and heavily vegetated with trees and shrubs; located on the south side of Brockmere Cliff Drive with frontage on the St. Lawrence River to the south. ***Please use Chrome Browser to view MLS Link ***
Municipal Address: Lot 35 - East of Butternut Bay Road and South Brockmere Cliff Drive
Zoning: Estate Residential
Official Plan: Residential
Web Site: Link to broker's website
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Contact Details

Name: Erik Falardeau/ Shawn Hamilton
Company: CBRE
Phone #: 613 277 5499
Fax #: 613 782 2296
Email Address: