Property Details

ID: 164
Property Type: Sold
Acres: 2.72
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Chatham-Kent
Region: Southwest Ontario
Date Posted: 7/31/2018
Project Number: D1025762 & D1050344
MLS Number: X4205169
Description: Former Chatham-Kent Courthouse & Jail and Parking Lot, located at Stanley Avenue and 7th/8th Streets in Chatham, Ontario.
Municipal Address: 85 Stanley Avenue, Chatham, Ontario
Zoning: Institutional / Parking Lot Parcel: Institutional
Official Plan: Buildings Parce Public Facility / Parking Lot Parcel: Residential
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Contact Details

Name: Wallace John Pollock & Kevin MacDougall
Company: CBRE Limited
Phone #: Wallace: 416-674-7900 / Kevin: 519-673-6444
Fax #:
Email Address: Wallace: / Kevin: