Property Details

ID: 148
Property Type: For Sale
Acres: 25.01
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Winston Park
Price: Contact Broker
Region: Greater Toronto Area
Date Posted: 7/5/2017
Project Number: D61101
MLS Number: W3863830
Description: Vacant land with some existing agricultural uses, land slopes up from Upper Middle heading north. Property contains some natural heritage features, such a woodlot and two wetlands and several utility easements (HONI, Enbridge, Union Gas, TransCanada.
Municipal Address: Oakville
Zoning: Business Employment (E2), Stormwater Management (SWF), Parkway Belt (PB1)
Official Plan: Business Commercial, Business employment, Parkway Belt.
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Contact Details

Name: Jonathan Leary
Company: CBRE Brokerage
Phone #: 905-315-3695/ 905-616-8698
Fax #: 905-319-0553
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