Property Details

ID: 146
Property Type: Sold
Acres: 0.60
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Qunite West
Region: Eastern Ontario
Date Posted: 6/19/2017
Project Number: 1039277
MLS Number: 114160
Description: Rectangular parcel located on the east side of Frankford-Stirling Road, approximately 600 metres north of the Fish and Game Lake road in Quinte West, Ontario in Sidney ward. No structures are present on the property. The site is covered with trees, brush and smaller vegetation
Municipal Address: East side of Stirling Frankford Road, north of Trent Canal
Zoning: Rural Residential (RR)
Official Plan: Rural
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Contact Details

Name: David Smith
Company: DNS Real Estate Limited
Phone #: 705-749-1620
Fax #: 705-749-1620
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