Property Details

ID: 135
Property Type: For Sale
Acres: 100.00
Square Feet: 0.00
City: Hillsdale
Price: $385,000.00
Region: Northern Ontario
Date Posted: 1/16/2017
Project Number: D00441
MLS Number: X3684773
Description: Facility includes a number of buildings. Located at the southwest corner of Moonstone Road West and Line 3 North.
Municipal Address: 1071 Moonstone Road West
Zoning: Agriculture/Rural *70 (A/RU*70) and Environmental Protection (EP)
Official Plan: Rural with ‘Environmental Protection One’ and ‘Environmental Protection Two’ overlays
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Contact Details

Name: Brad Walford and Sean Comiskey
Company: CBRE
Phone #: Brad Walford: 416-495-6215; Sean Comiskey: 416-495-6241
Fax #:
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